adaptive re-use
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LAI Design Group has redesigned malls, stores, offices, bustling automotive dealerships, office-sharing sites, and fulfillment and distribution centers. We take a market-focused approach to redesign and repurpose existing facilities to create new markets and new marketplaces..

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The automotive world, especially nowadays, is ever changing. LAI Design Group keeps flexibility and usability in mind as we design automotive facilities to ensure customers and employees alike are immersed in a first-class experience no matter what advancements are made.

branding & visual media
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Every project begins with a vision. Our sister company, SMASH VISUAL MEDIA, provides complete brand creation, 3D modeling and animation, website design, and marketing collateral design. These capabilities allow our clients to advertise and sell their projects to neighborhood groups, planning commissions, investors, and end users and the real estate community.s

Campus & Technology
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Colleges and universities, technology, and corporate campuses are imperative pillars of the community. Spaces where innovation is happening should incorporate innovative designs. LAI Design Group designs spaces that inspire collaboration and concentration amongst those who work and study at these important institutions.

high rise
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As the highlight of any cityscape, impressive design of high-rise buildings is of the utmost importance. LAI Design Group ensures the design of our high-rise buildings complement their natural and built environment.

Hospitality & Resort
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Whether a sprawling resort development or a one-building hotel, LAI Design Group knows how to impress your guests. From the design of the rooms themselves to the incorporation of first-class amenities, there are many aspects of hospitality and resort developments that...

Industrial & Logistics
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Warehouses, distribution buildings, commerce centers, and production facilities keep our economy running. LAI Design Group supports these facilities by designing them to encourage efficiency and safety.

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Mixed-use, transit-oriented development, and multifamily projects combine to create some of the most significant and well-populated places within communities. LAI Design Group uses a combination of classic and contemporary design and crowd-pleasing landscape architecture to help our clients densify and populate these popular spaces.

Land planning & Entitlements
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Our partnership with clients is more than just design. We understand every aspect of real estate development, including due diligence and entitlements. LAI Design Group are experts at working with our clients to obtain the right approvals and walk them through the ...

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Whether part of an apartment complex or a master-planned community, clubhouses and recreation spaces are vital assets to any residential development. Many times, these spaces are a major factor when renters and buyers decide where to settle down. From golf courses and pools to fire pits and bars, LAI Design Group knows what residents desire.

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LAI is dedicated to providing a vertically integrated and seamless multidisciplinary approach to projects. The synergy between firm disciplines allows a flow of ideas and solutions that are practical and meet our clients’ financial and business objectives.

"Designers who think like developers"

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